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The modernization process becomes rapidly due to the development of today's society in the economic, technologies, industries, and science. Many problems then arise affecting the quality of life that unwittingly created a mental block within such as: temperamental, in doing something often to failure, insomnia, nightmares, stressful / depression, migraines, abnormal menstruation, excessive jealousy, Phobia,procrastinating habit, low productivity, less of self-awareness and empathy, etc. These problems can be solved by eco-conscious wellness retreat deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali, making it a peaceful sanctuary to embrace authentic Balinese Healing, Living Foods and Sacred Arts.

We are collecting the right places to held the retreat which encourages us to nurture harmony with spirit, the environment and with one another. These places are spread all over Bali and we find it for you to choose based on your convenient feeling... 

Creating space for life transformation and love in action, experience new healing journey through Bali Villa Retreat ....!!! 

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