Yoga In Bali

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Bali Yoga Retreat - Unique Way to Experience

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that aims to transform the body and mind. It also reflects the union between the individual consciousness or soul within the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

In Bali, we consider that we are practicing Yoga throughout every moment of our daily life; eating, walking, working and breathing is the path of Yoga itself. That why this ancient spiritual science has never been alien to us.

Yoga isn’t only a physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways, it is a system of physical postures (asanas) with a higher purpose; to purify the body, giving one awareness and control over the internal states to prepare for meditation.

Yoga can be many things to many people. Our masters are Balinese yoga practitioners with guidance received from traditional practices and the classic text on local traditional Balinese healing called “Kanda Pat”. The yoga styles are determined to help you discover the infinite potentials of your mind and soul.

Designed as a 90 minutes workout program which includes introduction and post session refreshment, our Balinese Yoga style is healthy, rejuvenating and a joyful experience! It includes a series of simple and complex yoga postures and breathing techniques which help to bring about  balance in the body and mind. The program provides a multi-dimensional routine with includes Yoga postures, Breathing techniques, Yogic knowledge and Meditation, which gives you a complete take home practice. It is a complete package for beginners and for those more advanced, and can be undertaken by all people across all age groups.

We suggest comfortable, relaxed clothing and appreciate covering shoulder to knee – this is to respect our premises, on-site temple and staff. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat if you prefer, or we can provide a mat during your session for a small additional charge.

Bali Yoga Packages available in this page “Mirah Delima Packages

Yoga Retreat Rates:

Activities  Rate per person Duration
General Yoga Session US$ 25 90 minutes


Terms and conditions

  • Rates above are net in US$ inclusive of government tax and service charge
  • Reservations are required at least 24 hours prior to activities to ensure availability
  • Please arrive 20 min prior to your booking. This allows proper time to complete a short health form and guarantee the full treatment experience
  • To maintain a peaceful atmosphere integrated with nature please do not smoke and free alcohol. In addition we kindly ask that you refrain from speaking loudly and please turn off your mobile phone while joining the activities
  • Transportation – pick up and drop off are subject to availability with additional cost


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