Balinese Wedding Ceremony

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To be married with someone you love in a very special way should be a special event and held in a very exotic place. Which is why many westerners have been choosing Bali as their place to get married. It has romance, mysticism and a unique culture. Balinese Wedding Ceremony is a unique wedding procession based on Balinese Hindu rituals.

Balinese Wedding ceremony is unforgettable momentum for the human being where the procession is followed by Hindu rituals, custom regulation and the perfect day based on Balinese Hindu Calendar. A marriage couple will use the beautiful uniforms which are all adapted from the local during the procession.  For Balinese, especially for Balinese Hindu, their wedding is one of the most important things in their life as the wedding ceremony is a sign or an announcement that he or she is to begin a new level of life by leaving the Brahmacari stage.

The wedding ceremony begins with a Memadik process, where the groom's family meet with the bride's family to ask the bride if she wants to marry the groom. If the answer is yes, the bride will go with the groom to his family's house. Later (either that day or several days following) the couple will hold a wedding ceremony where many people from both families, along with friends and villagers, will witness the ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony, the couple and their families go to the bride's house to say "good bye".

When people get married in Bali, the man takes responsibility as a member of society. He gets the right to speak at a Banjar (the community body) meeting and must take on social duties, such as attending the temple ceremonies and taking part in the community activities. In this way other members of the Banjar will come to recognize him as an adult and he will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility in the Banjar.

With the wedding process in Bali, both families will unite, not simply the bride and groom. And as a result, if the bride's family member (even if a remote cousin) has a ceremony, the groom's family members will attend. This is why there is always many people attending a ceremony.

With us you can feel like Balinese, because you are invited to be part of the people in the society which is paricipating the ceremony. We will prepare your dress, sarong and some gift to carry for the family in Balinese way. Beside that, our guide will always accompany and lead you with some information about the ceremony.

What to bring

Camera, extra money, sport shoes, sunscreen, and cream against mosquito.





Tour Activities Inclusion

Full AC transportation with experienced driver ~ Professional guides (special language is subject to availability and with extra cost) ~ Standard Balinese Dress and Equipment ~ Mineral Water and soft drinks on board.

Please contact us for more information about this Cultural Tour and Activities. Our team on the field keep informed us about the date and the place of event. Therefore, price and arrangement will be adjusted to the condition on the due day and the destination.


Our driver will pick you up at your hotel/villa. However if yu would like to visit our office here is the address. 

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