Bali Villa Reservation

Bali Villa Reservation is part of Bali Individual Tour and Travel Services specialize in providing villa rental in Bali and beyond. The villas that we have selected are the ones that we believe to be unique in some special way.

We have created web pages for each of the individual private villa and properties available for rent in short time and long time rental. We also have number of villas which are not accessible on-line for owners privacy. Therefore, if you can’t find exactly what you are searching for, please let us know your needs, and we will help you in your quest for the perfect holiday home....

Our private villas are spread all over Bali and it comes out with its typical characteristic of the surrounded area. Those villas are listed along with their description and price on the left bar. 

  Bali Villa Reservation

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Why Stay in Private Villa?

Private villas are vacation homes that cater to the traveler. Your desires will dictate where you rent your villa, as amenities and locations vary. Do your research before renting a villa so that your choice will give you all the extras you expect.
Privacy and Freedom
- Choosing to stay in a villa as opposed to a standard hotel room offers a heightened sense of privacy. You are free to come and go as you please without the hassle of worrying if you are disturbing others. There are strictly no time keeping rules and you are able to break convention with a midnight swim or simply choosing to stay up all night to watch the sun rise. Cook and eat anything at any time, or have your meals delivered. Do as you please when you please. Be quiet, or be loud, it’s up to you. You won’t have the intrusion of hotel staff or other guests. It’s just you and your party.


Personalised Service and Personal staff - A dedicated team of villa staff are available to anticipate and take care of all your needs. This one-on-one personalised service is the epitome of luxury and you can choose to have meals prepared by a professional Chef, be chauffeured around in a private vehicle or be indulged with an in-house spa treatment that brings traditional healing and beauty rituals to your villa door. You have the space and opportunity to entertain a small gathering of friends or alternatively hide away from the outside world to unwind and escape the pressures of a busy lifestyle. Chefs, butlers, drivers, and maids cater to every time. If you’re looking for spa treatments or massages, professionals come to you, and trainers and exercise instructors are available upon request. Certified babysitters or nannies take care of the younger ones while you play or relax....

Many Choice of Living
- Villa accommodation is generally a more affordable option in comparison to staying in a hotel room of the same calibre. You also have the added incentive of enjoying facilities such as your own private swimming pool and tropical garden that you don't have to share with others. There is plenty of lounge space to sunbathe unexposed around the pool without having to feel shy or inhibited. No expenses have been spared in the villas and they are equipped with state of the art TV, kitchen, swimming pool, etc. Guests can freely use these facilities without thinking about the others who will use the same facilities. In contradiction with a hotel where you usually have to share these facilities, if you choose one of our villas, they are all yours. Privately.......!!


Truly Balinese Experience - Staying in a villa as opposed to a hotel is a great chance to experience the community spirit by being encompassed within a traditional Balinese neighbourhood. You will gain first hand knowledge about the island's cultural way of life where the passage of time is measured by an endless cycle of ceremonial rites. In a setting removed from hustle and bustle of mainstream tourism, you can enjoy peace and solitude by rediscovering the gift of waking up each day to the sounds of nature. A private villa will afford you quality time out spent with a loved one to relax and recharge.

Extra services. Villa managers and staff can arrange entertainment and activities for their guests. Be sure to ask about local tours and events as well as any unusual excursions or off-the-beaten-path areas you’d like to explore. Villa managers are happy to recommend restaurants, shopping, and charters.


Security - Although a private villa has its own security personnel, every Balinese village and community has its own unique system of protection based on a neighbour hood watch practice. Unidentified visitors are immediately recognized as strangers to the area and their actions are closely monitored. This ensures greater peace of mind throughout the entire duration of your stay. You will be accepted as an honoured guest within a close-knit Balinese environment.Private villas are an excellent choice for those looking for a fuller, richer vacation experience, or those seeking a private, relaxing trip. A villa is the ideal combination of the comforts of home and the luxury of the finest five-star hotel. Renting a private villa is the first step to creating a customized vacation that truly nourishes your heart and soul.

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